Dr. Prianto Budi Saptono, M.B.A.
Accounting and Taxation

Prianto Budi did tax taxes by working as an examiner for several years at the Directorate General of Taxes, Ministry of Finance. In addition, he has also served as Manager of Tax Consulting at Kanaka Puradiredja & Rekan, Registered Public Accountant (recently a member of Nexia International), and director of several other leading tax consulting firms (namely: PT Partner Utama Consultant).

As a tax consultant, Prianto Budi is also an active speaker in various tax trainings and seminars, including tax training organized by the Indonesian Tax Consultants Association, the Indonesian Institute of Public Accountants, and the Indonesian Institute of Accountants. Several other private and government institutions, including the Directorate General of Taxes, often ask him to be a resource person for various accounting and taxation topics, including the impact of IFRS on taxation.

Prianto Budi held a C certificate for tax consultant in 2003 and is now a registered tax consultant and licensed tax attorney.
His professional aim is for the optimal benefit for humans as regulated by Islamic teachings: “Khairu an-naasi anfa’uhum linnaasi” (The best of people are those who are most beneficial to others).

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