Public Administration

The Public Administration Department has the authority to administer the Public Administration Degree Program. The department has a focus on developing the study and science of public administration in a governance perspective. The direction of the development of public administration scholarship rests on the characteristics of administrative science as a postnormal science that focuses on the institutions, policies, and governance. This embodiment of development is derived into educational, research and community service activities based on applied science, interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approach indicators, as well as holistic paradigm realism.

Graduate Profile

1. Able to explain theoretical concepts in the field of Public Administration in general and theoretical concepts in the study of Policy, Governance and Strategic Leadership in depth and able to formulate problem solving up to the procedural level;
2. Able to apply knowledge in the field of Public Administration and utilize Technology and Science in the field of Public Administration in solving problems and able to adapt to the situation faced .;
3. Be able to make informed decisions based on analysis of information and data, and be able to provide guidance in choosing various alternative solutions independently and in groups; and
4. Responsible for the work itself and can be given responsibility for the achievement of the work of the organization.