From July 29 to August 2, 2020, BEM FIA UI held the 2022 FIA for Villages (FUNDES) program, a community service program that aims to provide guidance and development of community knowledge and skills in the target areas that focus on reading literacy, digital literacy, and environmental literacy.

BEM FIA UI believes that in order to increase the level of literacy in Indonesia, a real effort must be made simultaneously at every level of society. The first step can be started from the smallest layer, namely the village.

Duren Village, Klari District, Karawang Regency, West Java is the target area and location for the 2022 FUNDES, because there are various problems that have not been resolved, especially from a social and environmental perspective.

Frigia Amasia as the 2022 FUNDES Project Officer revealed that the potential for natural resources which is quite abundant in Duren Village is not supported by the potential of its human resources.
“One of the problems from a social perspective is the processing of kawista fruit which is still ineffective. This rare fruit is managed by a group of widows in Duren Village. However, this processing is not accompanied by good marketing. This happens due to the lack of knowledge of the target residents. in technology,” he said.

According to him, Duren Village is also surrounded by large factories, causing air pollution and an arid environment. In addition, during the rainy season, Phrygia said that Duren Village often experiences floods so that residents there cannot carry out their activities properly. “For us this is very troubling for residents and strategic steps are needed to overcome this, one of which is through literacy,” he said.

FUNDES 2022 is present in Duren Village with three literacy programs, namely Reading Literacy or Make Reading A Habit (Kereadit), Environmental Literacy or Greening Our Houses (Perukit), Digital Literacy or Society Go Digital (SGD).

Dr. Achmad Lutfi, S.Sos., M.Sc. as the Student Affairs Manager of FIA UI said that this activity was a form of the campus world’s approach to society. “Of course it is related to the theme that is being carried out, namely digital literacy, MSME development, and the environment through a green village. Hopefully this activity can bring the maximum benefit to us both in the academic world and in society,” he hoped.

Head of RT013 in Duren Purwoko Village Adi Kurniawan also said that this was the first time an activity like this had taken place in Duren Village. “And we really need a constructive program like this to build communities and villages,” he explained.

As for Patriot Desa, a program from the West Java Provincial Government that places native West Java youths to contribute and empower villages, also works with the FUNDES 2022 committee to empower Duren Village. “Hopefully our good intentions can be of benefit to the residents of Duren Village,” said Harti Widya as the Village Patriot.