UI and State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) survey services Hold Free Campus Webinar during the Covid 19 Pandemic

In this era of COVID-19, universities are increasingly required to be able to respond quickly and accurately to the transformation of learning to be able to equip and prepare higher education graduates in the future, so that they become a generation that is superior, responsive and ready to face the challenges of their time, without being deprived of the cultural roots of their nation. Creativity and innovation are important keywords to ensure Indonesia’s sustainable development.

In accordance with the vision and mission of the President of the Republic of Indonesia Mr. Joko Widodo to create superior human resources, students must be prepared to become true learners who are skilled, flexible and resilient (agile learner). The Free Learning Policy – Free Campus launched by the Minister of Education and Culture is an implementation of the Free Learning Policy, which is a framework to prepare students to become strong scholars, relevant to the needs of the times, and ready to become future leaders.

In order to support the “Independent Campus Policy”, the Faculty of Administrative Sciences, University of Indonesia in collaboration with BUMN Cluster Survey Services held a public lecture Webinar with the theme “Strategic Leadership and Knowledge Management in Building Corporate Governance during the Covid-19 Pandemic”.

The Webinar event was opened with Dr. Ir. Rudiyanto Dip., ISM, MIIRSM, MM., MBA. (President Director of PT. Indonesian Classification Bureau), and Prof. Dr. Eko Prasojo, Mag.rer.publ. (Dean of the Faculty of Administrative Sciences, University of Indonesia).

The speakers include: Ir. Saifuddin Wijaya, MBA. (Director of Resources Development PT. Indonesian Classification Bureau), Rozainbahri Noor, B.Sc., M.Buss. (Director of HR, PT. Sucofindo (Persero), Lussy Ariana Seba, S.Kom. (Director of HR, PT. Surveyor Indonesia (Persero)) moderated by Dr. Rachma Fitriati, M.Si., M.Si (Han) ( FIA UI Postgraduate Lecturers and Researchers).

source: Kumparan.com

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