The Faculty of Administrative Sciences, University of Indonesia (FIA UI) officially cooperates with PT. The Indonesian Classification Bureau (Persero) in improving the competence of human resources (HR) through the Tri Dharma of Higher Education on Tuesday (21/6/22) afternoon at the PT Biro Statistik Indonesia (Persero) Building, Lt. 11.

The signing ceremony began with singing the anthem Indonesia Raya, then the appearance of video profiles from each institution, and remarks by the Dean of FIA UI Prof. Dr. Chandra Wijaya, M.Sc., M.M. and the President Director (Director) of BKI Dr. Ir. Rudiyanto, Dip., ISM. IIRSM, MM, MBA.

In his speech, Prof. Chandra emphasized that the University of Indonesia, especially FIA UI, should not be an ivory tower. “That is, the Faculty must be able to provide benefits to the community, be inclusive, moreover, the Minister is now emphasizing the Independent Learning Campus (MBKM) program,” he concluded.

He hopes that in the future FIA ​​UI together with BKI can work together not only in the field of education, but in terms of consultation, assistance, collaboration through the Special Activity Unit belonging to FIA UI as a form of service to the community and Indonesia.

Furthermore, Rudiyanto in his speech said that this collaboration was a form of support for colleagues at BKI related to non-technical understanding. “Besides, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) assistance is in the form of research, if there is research that can contribute to BKI, it will be very good for both parties,” he said.

The event continued with the signing of the cooperation between FIA UI and BKI represented by the Dean of FIA UI with the President Director of BKI and continued with a friendly and internal discussion.

It is known that various details related to the form of cooperation that will be established will be planned with the technical team, which can be in the form of cooperation in commercial terms related to training, consultants, training, and others.

Also present at this meeting, the Vice Dean for Resources, Ventures, and General Administration, Dr. Milla Sepliana S., M.Ak., Executive Secretary Dr. Umanto, M.Sc., Manager of Education and Student Affairs, Dr. Achmad Lutfi, M.Sc., Secretary of the Department of Commerce Administration, Eva Andayani, M.Sc., and Lecturer of the Department of Commerce Administration, FIA UI, Dr. Rachma Fitriati, M.Si. M.Si. (Han)