The Research and Community Service Unit (RIMA) and the Collaborative Governance & Dynamic Public Service Research Cluster (CGDPS) held a “Cluster Day” activity. This activity is intended to provide space for FIA UI Students and Academics to be involved in various higher education tri-dharma activities. Prof. Dr. Amy Yayuk Sri Rahayu, M.Sc, as Head of the FIA UI CGDPS Cluster, disclosed this.


The Tri Dharma of Higher Education, which consists of education, research, and community service, is the basis of what we have been doing so far at our beloved campus, the Faculty of Administrative Sciences, University of Indonesia (FIA UI). So that CGDPS appears to deal with issues of public services, collaboration governance, and other aspects related to the public sector,” said Prof. Dr. Amy.


As Head of the CGDPS Cluster, Prof. You mentioned that CGDPS welcomed cooperation in related fields with various relevant stakeholders. The CGDPS Cluster has collaborated with multiple domestic and foreign partners, including the Ministry of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform, the Government of Pacitan Regency, the Government of Depok City, the Cabinet Secretariat, the Fish Quarantine Center, Quality Control and Safety of Fishery Products Jakarta I, and many more.


“Public services in the current era of disruption are faced with various structural and cultural challenges that are unavoidable and multi-aspect. In facing these challenges, the government must have a paradigm and spirit of collaboration within the government sphere, vertically and horizontally. There is a paradigm shift.” said Prof. Dr. Amy.


This activity was attended by more than 60 FIA UI undergraduate and postgraduate students interested in the issues of Public Innovation and Collaborative Governance, Digital Governance, as well as the points of Sustainability, Disaster Management, & Resilience.


The involvement of FIA students and academics in this activity also helps students find topics of scientific papers and final assignments that can be collaborated with related lecturers and funded with cluster funding or other schemes.


For information, this event will take place on Thursday, 16 March 2023, in Room M103 FIA UI.

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