As a form of FIA UI readiness to respond to the need for educational activity facilities in the midst of high technological progress and the COVID-19 pandemic, the Faculty of Administrative Sciences, University of Indonesia (FIA UI) presents a new breakthrough, namely smart classes as a form of adaptation of FIA UI to technological developments in the academic world, especially College.

“The existence of this smart class is proof of the seriousness of FIA UI in facing challenges during the pandemic where the need for teaching with a hybrid method is needed, so that the quality of teaching and learning in the FIA ​​UI environment is maintained,” said the Deputy Dean for Academic and Research, Dr. Fibria Indriati, M.Sc.

Deputy Dean of Venture Resources and General Administration Dr. Milla Sepliana Setyowati revealed that in order to meet the needs and maintain the quality of teaching and learning during the pandemic, Smart Class is equipped with various adequate features.

“We are also committed to providing various infrastructure facilities that really support hybrid teaching and learning activities and various other digital activities in the future,” he said.

Smart class has complete features and facilities consisting of two cameras and a conference camera with auto detect system and display up to 8 different angles
Microphone, Digital TV, speakers, and interactive Digital Whiteboard.

The FIA ​​UI smart class was launched to coincide with the 7th FIA UI Anniversary, namely Friday (35/3/2022). The presence of smart classes is expected to be able to improve the quality of FIA UI students and graduates who can contribute to the progress of FIA UI, University of Indonesia, and even the country.

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