Depok, 24 February 2023. The Faculty of Administrative Sciences, University of Indonesia (FIA UI) conducted a socialization regarding the FIA UI Postgraduate Program at the Ministry of Finance’s Financial Education and Training Agency (BPPK Ministry of Finance). In this socialization, FIA UI introduced eight specializations in the Masters of Administrative Sciences program and two double degree specializations.

“This year, we also launched the Public Policy and Governance Masters Study Program (MKPG) under the Department of State Administration of FIA UI. This study program will equip students to think logically, critically, systematically, and multi-perspectively to work independently or collaboratively in recommending public policies and governance designs to solve public problems at the institutional, national, or global levels. MKPG Study Program graduates will obtain the title of Master of Public Policy (MKP),” said Dr. Teguh Kurniawan, M.Sc, as Head of the FIA UI MKPG Program.

Furthermore, Dr. Phil. Reza Fathurrahman, MPP, Secretary of the FIA UI Postgraduate School, stated that all interest in the FIA UI Masters and Doctoral Programs in Administrative Sciences could be funded by the Educational Fund Management Institution Scholarship (LPDP). With this good news, we hope it will be easier for our students to complete their education.

“The Masters and Doctoral Study Program, Faculty of Administrative Sciences, University of Indonesia (FIA UI) has obtained Excellent Accreditation from BAN-PT. In addition, the FIA UI Postgraduate Program has won the distinction of being one of the 100 best campuses in the world in the Field of Administrative Sciences based on the latest publication of the 2022 QS World University Ranking by Broad Subject ‘Social Policy and Administration’,” said Dr. Reza.

In this socialization, FIA UI also explained the study progress of FIA UI Double Degree Masters’s students who work at the Ministry of Finance. The Head of the PSDM Education and Training Center, Wahyu Kusuma Romadhoni, said that this progress report is a form of coordination needed to monitor student development and help find out what students need to complete their studies to the fullest.

“We, who represent the Ministry of Finance, see the learning progress of students studying at FIA UI as something to be proud of because the scores are quite satisfying. The enthusiasm for learning greatly influences the acquisition of good grades and, of course, the quality of teaching from FIA UI. We hope that our students can complete all their responsibilities as students to the fullest until later when they graduate,” said Wahyu.

Dr. Reza stated that the Double degree Masters Program is the right moment to understand and solve domestic problems by elaborating on them with the experience and knowledge gained from foreign campuses. FIA UI hopes to provide the best teaching for students so that they can become graduates who can play an active role in overcoming various problems that arise as a result of government policies and organizations or companies and can solve issues related to policy and governance within public organizations, business organizations and organizations. taxation through relevant approaches.

For information, this socialization took place on Thursday, 23 February 2023, at the Financial Education and Training Agency Building, Jakarta.