UKRAINE. Research on Political Taxation, Welfare and National Resilience (PolTax) Faculty of Administrative Science, Universitas Indonesia (FIA UI) conducts field research in Ukraine in the context of research on “Tobacco Excise Policy Reform”. Research funded by a grant from Ministry of Research and Higher Education and chaired by Dr. This decision chooses Ukraine as one of the lessons learned in the design and implementation of tobacco excise reforms that are considered successful. On this occasion a number of interviews were conducted with speakers from the Ministry of Health Center of Public Health, NGO Advocacy Life, National University of State Fiscal Service, Kyiv National Economic University, State Fiscal Service and Earnst and Young. Ukraine and Konstantyn Krasovskiy, World Bank and World Health Organization (WHO) experts for the European Union.

Together with Prof. Dr. Haula Rosdiana, as the cluster leader and Vice Dean 1 of FIA UI, this field research activity also opened up opportunities to collaborate with 2 leading universities in the field of taxation in Ukraine. This activity can work well with the full support of the Indonesian Ambassador to Ukraine and the Republic of Armenia and Georgia, Prof. Dr. Yuddy Chrisnandi and staff.

The results of this research are expected to produce tobacco excise policy recommendations that can be adapted by the Indonesian government to reduce cigarette consumption and the number of smokers and encourage a healthier lifestyle. (MI)