Glow Up Bag Production, FIA UI Students Succeeded as 1st Place Winner in KMI Award

DEPOK. The Team of Business Administration students at the Faculty of Administrative Science, Universitas Indonesia (FIA UI) managed to attract attention in the annual entrepreneurship event of the Indonesian Student Entrepreneurship (KMI) Expo IX 2018, Bogor Agricultural University. This team, called Spextrum, won 1st place in the category of creative industry I Indonesian Student Entrepreneurship (KMI) Award.

According to the supervisor and lecturer in Business Administration, Dr. Fibria Indriati, M.Si, there were 2 FIA UI teams who passed this proposal from 18 teams who sent proposals. The first team had a brand called Spextrum which produced reflective bags which, when exposed to light could glow. While the second team produces reversible kimono. “These products have been generally produced even though there are still obstacles in some ways, such as raw materials that are difficult to obtain and the processing time on the sidelines of making a thesis,” Indri said on Tuesday (11/13).

These two proposals that passed also received funding and product development and were monitored. The spextrum team proposal was successfully funded with Rp. 12 million, plus the prize as 1st place winner, they got Rp. 8 million. Just so you know, the Spextrum team consists of Hafiz Nurfajri, Fadhlurrahman, M. Nursyaadillah, and Moch. Zulvikar. While the Araina team managed to get a product development fund of Rp 20 million.

The passion for student entrepreneurship in the Business Administration Science has been encouraged since given entrepreneurship courses. These students were then supported by the university to prepare for the KMI award. Undoubtedly, this product is also growing by being marketed online using social media. “They also got a network, because yesterday Indonesia Student Entrepreneur Network had been declared which consisted of universities throughout Indonesia,” Indri added.

The KMI Award is a competition to determine entrepreneurship and the best booth, one of the main agendas in the annual entrepreneurship exhibition for KMI Expo IX 2018. The KBMI business that is included is the non-culinary creative industry. The business presented varied, from bags, clothing, of applications. The national level KMI Expo and award was attended by 1,144 participants from 124 universities throughout Indonesia. (EM)