Potential Collaboration of FIA UI and Berlin School Economic & Law

BERLIN, GERMANY. As one of the universities that provides education for civil servant candidates in Germany, the Faculty of Public Management and the Faculty of Economics Berlin School Economic & Law (BSEL) became a reference for foreign students to study. Around 300 foreigners every semester is accepted each as students at BSEL.

This is the consideration of the four representatives of the Faculty of Administrative Science Universitas Indonesia (FIA UI) to explore cooperation with this campus. “BSEL’s experience in internationalization needs to be replicated and become a partner for the FIA,” said the Dean of FIA UI, Prof. Eko Prasojo.

Prof. Eko and the group held a meeting with the Dean of the Faculty of Public Management BSEL Berlin Prof. Dr. Robert Knappe, Wednesday (9/26). At this meeting, the two faculties saw the potential for cooperation. Among other things, the potential for cooperation that will be built are student mobility and internships for both university students, research collaboration in the field of entrepreneurship, green economy, financial technology, and share other topics.

In addition, the potential for other partnerships is certified education and training in certain fields such as financial management for research and education institutions. Finally, it is expected that cooperation through student colloquium for doctoral students through visiting fellowships.

As additional information, BSEL is one of the largest applied science universities in Germany offering private, public and economic business administration programs. BSEL is a leading business school that emphasizes the relationship between management of theory and practice. (AY)