Mahakam Ulu Regent (Mahulu) Bonifasius Belawan Geh, S.H. visited the Faculty of Administrative Sciences, University of Indonesia (FIA UI) to discuss further collaboration in the field of education, namely the CIL-BETTER program (Center for Independent Learning and FIA UI Integrated Learning Program). Apart from that, Bonifasius was also a guest speaker at the public lecture on Border Region Development Policy and Increasing the Human Development Index.

Increasing the Human Development Index (IPM) is the focus of the development of the Mahakam Ulu Regency government. The government has taken various ways, including holding the Mahakam Ulu Smart Gate Scholarship Program to improve the quality of existing Human Resources (HR). Physical infrastructure development is also being intensified to enhance the quality of services all Mahakam Ulu people obtain. The Regent of Mahulu Bonifasius Belawan Geh, S.H conveyed this.

“The three basic dimensions that makeup HDI are longevity and healthy living (health), knowledge (education), and a decent standard of living (economy). For this reason, we have taken several steps: we have improved health facilities and human resources for health workers. We are implementing programs to clear land and improve agriculture for the economic sector, manage yields by BUMK (Village-Owned Enterprises), and increase cocoa production. For the education sector, organizing scholarships,” said Bonifasius.

Bonifasius said Mahakam Ulu (Mahulu) has the vision to build Mahulu for all prosperity and justice, and our mission is to develop and improve public facilities and infrastructure that are of good quality, fair, sustainable and environmentally sound; improve people’s standard of living by exploiting the potential of natural resources, empowering small economic enterprises; and community-based medium, and expansion of employment including the development of a creative economy based on tourism and local wisdom; realizing an intelligent, healthy, prosperous, dignified and highly competitive society; and creating governance that is clean, authoritative, transparent, and accountable.

Furthermore, Bonifasius said that there are various development problems currently being faced by the Mahakam Ulu Regional Government. The issues referred to include the still limited provision of basic infrastructure and technology, and information, the threat of a decline in the quality of the environment, the still low Human Development Index (IPM), low economic growth, still high poverty rates, still low index of community satisfaction. This is also caused by the location of Mahulu, which is on the border with Malaysia.

“Therefore, we are trying to organize various up-to-date programs to solve these problems, one of which is collaborating with multiple universities to improve existing human resources.

For information, the public lecture will take place on Wednesday, February 15, 2023, in the morning at the 2020 Edition Auditorium, FIA UI’s M Building.