It is necessary to transform and simplify the bureaucracy of the State Civil Apparatus (ASN) in Indonesia. This was conveyed by Aba Subagja, S.Sos., MAP who is the Assistant Deputy for Position Design, Planning, and Procurement of Human Resources for Apparatus at the Public Lecture of the Public Sector MSDM Course, Faculty of Administrative Sciences, University of Indonesia (FIA UI), Thursday (24 /3/2022).

The event moderated by Drs. Muh Azis Muslim, M.Si was opened by introducing the speakers who will fill today’s event. “The theme is quite complete and very heavy today because it talks about the transformation of positions, planning, and procurement of ASN. We understand that along with the development of bureaucratic simplification, civil servants will switch from structural to functional positions which have been discussed since 10 years ago,” he explained.

Starting his material by presenting Position Transformation, Planning and Procurement of Apparatus Human Resources, Mr. Aba said that the current simplification pattern of the bureaucracy has different simplification ideas that were initiated 10 years ago.

“The difference is that this time it is a direct order from the president and the basis for this transformation is the length of the bureaucracy that causes investment to be not smooth. But it is important not to shift the structure but not to change the mindset. Because the president is angry not because of the structure but the way he thinks,” he said.

Pak Aba explained that ASN is a profession that has basic values; code of ethics and code of conduct; commitment to moral integrity and responsibility for public services, competencies required in accordance with the field of duty; academic qualifications; guarantee of legal protection in carrying out their duties; and professionalism of the position.

Regarding ASN HR, Pak Aba explained that there are 1033 regulations that need to be changed, one of which is by changing the organizational transformation with delayering and flexible and collaborative work mechanisms; transformation of work systems (digitalization of internal business and public services; and HR transformation.

“The purpose of the CASN procurement is to produce ASNs who have their own personalities as public service providers; capable of acting as the glue of the unitary state of the Republic of Indonesia, possessing high intelligence for capacity building and organizational performance; and have the skills, expertise, and behavior in accordance with the demands of the position,” he said.

After that, the event continued to a discussion session where several students participating in this public lecture asked about the material presented by Mr. Aba. One of them was a question from Salsabila Amanda Putri who asked about the equitable distribution of infrastructure development outside Java and what was her view on ASN that only reached the standard?

Mr. Aba replied, “In Permen No. 46 of 2022, it is explained that if ASN only works with a standard, then the salary is standard. If it is less than the standard, a salary deduction will be made. And the results of the cuts will be given to ASN who work better. The problem is that ASN who does not work well will harm the state. Gradually it will be improved and to change the mindset of ASN, the Ministry of Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform of the Republic of Indonesia is working with the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Indonesia to defend the country,” he said.