With the theme “Adventure to Spread Literacy”, 50 students from the Faculty of Administrative Sciences, University of Indonesia (FIA UI) introduced reading, digital and environmental literacy to the people of Duren Village, Klari, Karawang. This literacy introduction activity targets three different groups of people.

First, reading literacy entitled Make Reading A Habit (KeREADit) targets elementary school-age children. The children enthusiastically listened to the stories from the Read Aloud and Let’s Tell Stories teams, which were partnered with FIA UI students. It is known that Read Aloud, and Ayo Storytelling is a non-profit organization aiming to increase children’s literacy, which aligns with FUNDES 2022 activities. Not only sharing books and telling stories, but FIA students also invite children to decorate a reading corner called “Jendela Desa Duren”. The hope is that this reading corner can accommodate and increase the literacy interest of the children of Duren Village, said Phrygia Student of the State Administration Science Class of 2021 as chief executive.

MSMEs practitioners are also enthusiastic about learning marketing through social media, with Nadya Ariesta, an expert in social media marketing, on the next agenda. Titled Society Go Digital (SGD). Nadya invited participants to learn strategies for utilizing social media and e-commerce platforms to market Kawista fruit. So far, Kawista’s marketing has only been done through conventional means by word of mouth. Karawang has excellent potential to produce Kawista, which has a unique taste and the benefits of kawista fruit, which help cure various diseases, such as reducing diarrhoea and stabilizing blood sugar.

In addition, students also provided brief training on creating a Kawista fruit business account on an e-commerce platform, namely Shopee, with the user name’ rumah producedkawista’ in the hope that this good intention can be continued and used to increase the market share of Kawista fruit.

A clean, healthy and green living environment is also the target of students in the last activity after 12 days in Duren Village. Through “Environmental Literacy or Greening Our Homes (PeRuKit),” students mingle with the community by cleaning up trash and planting dozens of plant seeds. The community service and planting of tree seedlings went well, considering the enthusiasm of both parties. The hope is that these plant seeds can add to the beauty of Duren Village, and the community will become more aware of maintaining cleanliness.

This brief activity received a positive impression from Purwoko, Head of RT 13. “It seems like this is the first time a program like this in Duren Village RT 13, and we need a constructive program like this to build the community,” he concluded. Phrygia added, “Hopefully, this year’s FUNDES can bring benefits; we hope for guidance from the Duren Village community and Village Patriots. We hope that FIA UI students can actively contribute to developing Duren Village.” Of course, this activity could not have been carried out without the support of the University of Indonesia as the sponsor and the Village Patriot, a program from the West Java Provincial Government that places native West Java youths to contribute and empower villages.

Apart from introducing students to sensitivity to social problems, this activity teaches the importance of collaboration between actors. With collaboration with various government and community elements, this activity will run as it should. The hope is that this literacy introduction activity can be carried out continuously and inspires students to do similar activities.