Prof. Dr. Ferdinand Dehoutman Saragih, MA or often called Prof Ferdinand was born in Pekanbaru, on August 3, 1961. He spent his childhood and youth in Pekanbaru. He studied elementary school at SD Cendana, Pekanbaru in 1973. Then, he continued his education to SMP Pertama Cendana, Pekanbaru in 1976. Then in 1980, he completed his high school education at SMA Cendara, PT CPI Rumbai, Pekanbaru.

Five years later, in 1985 to be exact, he migrated and continued his education to a higher level at the University of Indonesia. Not only was he educated in the country, he also studied up to Uncle Sam’s country, namely at the University of Kent at Canterbury (UKC) England. At UKC, he earned a Master of Arts degree. In 2002, Prof Ferdinand earned his Doctorate in Finance from the Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia (FE UI).

His hard work in gaining knowledge yielded brilliant results. Dr. Ferdinand was inaugurated as a permanent professor in the field of International Finance Science at the University of Indonesia in November 2007. He also has experience as an economic and financial observer, and has written various books and articles on financial research results, and organizations in national and international scientific journals, and in the national newspaper.

In addition, from 2003 to 2007, he was also active as a member of the faculty senate while the Department of Administrative Sciences was still within the FISIP. Not only that, friends, he also turned out to be one of the founders of the Indonesian Business Administration Association (AIABI) and became the first General Chair of AIABI. After completing his term of office, he continued to support AIABI as its Advisory Board.

His achievements did not stop there. When the Faculty of Administrative Sciences was approved as the 14th faculty by the UI Board of Trustees in May 2015, then de facto operational in December 2016, he held important positions in the FIA.

Among them are the Chair of the FIA ​​UI Board of Professors, the Chair of the FIA ​​UI Financial Institutions Research Cluster, members of the UI Board of Professors and the UI Academic Senate. as well as being the Chairman of the Editorial Board of BUSINESS & BUREAUCRACY: Journal of Administrative and Organizational Sciences FIA UI.
Prof Ferdinand’s hard and smart work has certainly become a sweet fruit whose benefits are felt by everyone who has walked with him.