Adeline is the winner of the highest GPA as well as being the Best Graduate of FIA UI Undergraduate Program for Odd Semester 2021/2022. Currently Adeline works at PT Mid Solusi Nusantara (Mekari) which is a software developer in Indonesia. In addition, currently Adline is also participating in a bootcamp regarding digital marketing. “Currently I am also writing a journal with my supervisor,” concluded Adeline.

During the lecture process, Adeline was active in various student organizations both on campus and off campus such as BPM, DIA (FIA music group), Sobat Bumi Indonesia organized by Pertamina which is engaged in environmental love. Apart from organization, Adeline also participates in FIA committees such as Pemira, OIM Staff, UI Art War, basketball extracurricular, and collaboration with lecturers. “I also participated in the internship when I was a student,” said Adeline.

His success in becoming the best graduate was something this great student did not expect. Adeline admitted that since the beginning of her studies, she always gave her best in all matters, including assignments, exams, and others. “There is no need to be stressed and pressured by IP, but more about how we can give the best in every assessment,” said Adeline.

Adeline said she felt a significant difference between offline and online learning caused by the pandemic. He shared a tip for dealing with online lectures during the pandemic, namely diligently taking notes from lecturers. According to him, these tips can help students to recall the knowledge previously acquired during the learning period. “Your notes can be used during UTS or UAS,” he said.

In addition, this outstanding student also advised FIA UI students to want to study together and support each other. Furthermore, Adeline told something that could not be forgotten in the lecture period that she had passed. Namely the transition from offline lectures to online lectures. He felt tired with online lectures because the coursework was quite a lot and difficult.

Behind it all, he stated that the more time passed, the more he could adjust and accept the situation. In fact, he can see a benefit from this online lecture. “But more to take advantage of the opportunities that exist. If we go online, we can learn other things, such as organizational activities, committees, internships, and others,” explained Adeline.

Not only giving tips on studying during the pandemic, Adeline also provides tricks to be able to improve the skills of students, namely by becoming a lecturer assistant. Adeline stated that by becoming a lecturer assistant, students can get a lot of lessons from the lecturers which of course develop students’ soft skills. This will make students one step ahead compared to other friends.

In addition to focusing on studying, Adeline also realizes the importance of developing a hobby during college. He advised students to develop hobbies during college. “You can look for certifications, courses, and other things that add to our skills from outside the campus,” he said.

In closing, Adeline conveyed a message to FIA UI students who were undergoing the lecture process.
“Keep going for you guys. My advice is not only to be active in the academic field, but to broaden the experience to join various organizations, internal, etc. because it is useful for the world of work. Just don’t forget to pray. Complaining is also okay, don’t keep on dragging on and always try your best,” he concluded.