Explore The Field of Marketing Through Niaga’s Creative Workshop 2020

The Business Administration Student Association (HIMANIA) FIA UI held Niaga’s Creative Workshop 2020 which is a hard skill training event about UX design in digital business.

This event was held on October 11th, 2020. The speaker in this event was a Ruangguru’s UI / UX Designer, Alif Ghibran Imawan.

NCW comes with its vision and mission, which is to become a place for millennials to learn, understand, develop interests and talents, and directly practice digital marketing, especially in the field of UX design. The values ​​brought by NCW 2020 are a creative, smart learner, and work ethic.

“NCW is not only a place for me to learn to run an event for HIMANIA but NCW is also a place for me to understand the flow of making UX design, which in my opinion is a lesson that will be useful in the future, especially in exploring the field of marketing,” said Salma, PO of NCW 2020.

The purpose of this event is to develop hard skills about UX design in digital business to participants, increase participants’ knowledge and insight about UX design, and foster enthusiasm and creative ideas in the world of UX design to participants.

“NCW 2020 is an insightful event for me. The theme that was raised about UI / UX was very interesting because it was trending at that time and I learned a lot from here. The speakers are also very experienced in their fields. We did not only pay attention to the material, but we also practiced directly in the manufacturing process, which makes the workshop material even more memorable. I am very happy to be able to learn new hard skills that can be used in life after campus,” said Shafina, a Business Administration student who participated in NCW 2020. (Chiara)

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