The Faculty of Administrative Sciences, University of Indonesia (FIA UI) has again made various proud achievements ahead of its 8th anniversary. The reason is in the 73rd Anniversary of the University of Indonesia, FIA won several awards from the academic and student affairs, human resources, venture and general administration, and the faculty secretarial field.

The awards won included in the academic and student affairs fields, namely:
1. Ranked 1st in the faculty category as the highest participant in information literacy training
2. Ranked 1st in the faculty category with the most number of courses in the 2022 Pre-University (Pre-U) program
3. The Faculty with the highest number of students is the flagship program of the Independent Entrepreneurial Directorate of Higher Education in 2022

While the awards won in the fields of human resources, ventures, and general administration include:
1. Ranked 1st for the faculty with the best SKP in 2022
2. Ranked 2nd best faculty preparing the 2023 General Procurement Plan (RUP).

In addition, in the field of faculty secretaries, FIA UI also won awards, including:
1. Ranked 2nd in the category of results of monitoring of archives processing units in faculties, schools and vocational education programs
2. Ranked in 3 faculty categories with the most press release submissions in 2022

Dean of FIA UI Prof. Dr. Chandra Wijaya, M.Sc., said these achievements could not be separated from the hard work of all leaders, lecturers, education staff and FIA UI students. “Of course, this is the result of all of our hard work, and hopefully, next year, we can maintain and even surpass the achievements we have achieved so far,” he said.

It is known that this award was given at the 73rd Anniversary of the University of Indonesia, which was held on Wednesday, 15 February 2023.