A total of 2198 tree seedlings have been planted in the Faculty of Administrative Sciences, University of Indonesia (FIA UI) through the Green FIA KITA program from March 8 to March 18, 2022.

Green FIA KITA is a program that aims to support the green metric of the faculty in accordance with the UI Green Metric standard so as to make a sense of comfort for all academics in the Faculty of Administrative Sciences.

UI GreenMetric is a pioneer in ranking through the development of a green campus measuring instrument which has now been adopted by many universities in the world. This is done as an effort to create a generation that cares about environmental sustainability.

The Greening Program of FIA KITA is also a support to achieve the program of the University of Indonesia and the Faculty of Administrative Sciences as a sustainable campus that supports environmental sustainability.

Initially, FIA UI had a target of collecting 77 plant seeds in commemoration of the 7th FIA UI anniversary or anniversary. Unexpectedly, alumni, students, student organizations, and lecturers sent tree seedlings to FIA up to 2198 seedlings.

The participation and enthusiasm of the civitas and alumni make FIA ​​greener and more beautiful. Not only a clean campus environment, but also a conducive campus environment for learning so as to improve students’ learning abilities.

This activity is also supported by FIA UI partners, especially the Department of Food Security, Maritime Affairs, and Agriculture which has donated 77 fruit trees and the DKI Jakarta Provincial Parks and Forests Office which has donated 2,000 ornamental trees.

This program is proof of the concern of many parties to the FIA ​​UI environment.