In essence, BUMD has a strategic role for the region considering its dual function, namely as a means for Regional Original Revenue (PAD) and providing public services in the area according to the type of business. So that the presence of Regional Owned Enterprises (BUMD) will help improve the regional economy.

This was conveyed by Teddy Mulyadi as a representative from the Institute for the Assessment and Application of Administrative Sciences (LPPIA) Faculty of Administrative Sciences, University of Indonesia (FIA UI) during a Visit to Validate Cooperation between LPPIA and the Regional Secretary of Serang Regency on Wednesday, 3 August 2022 afternoon.

During the visit, Teddy said that with regional autonomy in an effort to improve the economy, BUMDs themselves could be formed either for public service purposes, profit oriented or a combination of both.

“However, before they are formed, it is necessary to carry out a Regional Needs Analysis (AKD) which is an initial selection of whether the region has a need for BUMD as one of the locomotives driving economic growth in the region,” said Teddy.

Furthermore, Teddy explained that the AKD needs to be seen whether it is mandated in the RPJMD and whether the regions have sufficient funds to establish BUMD. Then, if these two elements have been fulfilled, then the next step is to carry out a Business Needs Analysis (AKU) or what businesses are suitable and feasible to be developed in the regions in the form of BUMD.

FIA UI Leadership Secretary Dr. Umanto, M.Sc., expressed his gratitude for the visit and the spirit of collaboration from Serang Regency. “We certainly at FIA UI are very open to collaboration with various Ministries/Institutions and institutions. We hope that this collaboration will be well established and bring benefits to both parties, especially for the progress of Serang Regency,” he said.

As for Dedi Suhendi as the Representative from Serang Regency, he also expressed his appreciation and enthusiasm for this cooperation agreement. “Even Mr. Secretariat also conveyed a message to us that he really supports this cooperation,” he said.

It is known that representatives from the Regional Secretariat of Serang Regency, Muhamad Rizki, SH, Kartika, S. Sos, and Ika Fitria were also present at this meeting. Meanwhile, from the LPPIA FIA UI, namely Dr. Milla Sepliana Setyowati, M.Ak as Head of LPPIA FIA UI, Bramana Purwasetya as Deputy Head of LPPIA FIA UI, Dita, Burhan Sinegara, Andrian Aziz Widodo, Panji A, and Dwitya SP.