FIA UI, Together with The University of Melbourne, Explores Academic Collaboration

DEPOK (17/4) – The Faculty of Administrative Science Universitas Indonesia (FIA UI) alongside the University of Melbourne explores the various possibilities of a collaboration in the field of academics, such as research and publication collaboration, Executive Education Program, student and lecturer exchange as well as the building of a Policy Lab in FIA UI.

The Dean of FIA UI, Eko Prasojo explained that the Policy Lab, which is running at the University of Melbourne, has become a role model for FIA UI to build an experiment lab connected to public policy which affects Indonesia.

“The first question that we have to answer together is how much impact do we want to create for Indonesia with the creation of a Policy Lab in FIA UI. If it works, surely the output policy created could be used as a good insight for the government to answer the complex and modern challenges and problems the country is facing” he said while receiving a visit from the University of Melbourne, Thursday (12/4/18).

Aside from that, a collaborative assessment is also carried out by the creation of a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) to make a Double Degree Master of Public Policy Management program.

“The draft has been arranged, now we need to fix the more technical matters and the appointment of coordinators from both parties. We hope that this will be the first step in strengthening the connection and collaboration between the University of Melbourne and FIA UI in the future,” he explained.

It is known that the delegates from the University of Melbourne that attended this meeting, which consists of: Redmond Barry Distinguished Professor, Prof. Mark Considine, Deputy Dean, Faculty of Arts, Prof. John Murphy, and the Head of School of Social and Political Sciences Professor Karen Farquharson alongside some other delegates, were welcomed by the Dean of FIA UI, accompanied by the Chief Secretary Zuliansyah P. Zulkarnain, M.Si, the Coordinator of International Cooperation (IO) FIA UI Dr. Vishnu Juwono and Dr. Reza Fathurrahman, review staff of IO FIA UI. (DS)