FIA UI Holds Dialogue with Student Parents

DEPOK. The Faculty of Administrative Sciences Universita Indonesia (FIA UI) in collaboration with the FIA ​​UI Student Parent Association (IOM) held a dialogue of parents of students with the leadership of the FIA ​​UI in the Auditorium of the FIA ​​UI Building, Saturday (8/9). This event aims to increase the aspirations of parents and guardians of students in knowing the process of their children’s education.

FIA UI Education and Student Manager, Dr. Umanto, M.Si said that this dialogue was the beginning of the formation of the 2018 IOM generation. “IOM serves as a strategic partner of the FIA ​​Management to educate and foster students as a form of shared responsibility between parents and FIA UI management,” Umanto said. In the future, they will be connected through the Whatsapp group to monitor the academic agenda of their children.

This dialogue received positive responses from parents and student guardians. A total of 116 parents and guardians of regular and parallel undergraduate students from FIA UI 2018 attend this event. The event which contains questions and answers between parents and guardians of students with FIA UI management ended with hospitality. (EM)