Dr. Prianto Budi S, Ak., CA., MBA. as a Lecturer in the Department of Fiscal Administration, Faculty of Administrative Sciences, University of Indonesia (FIA UI) was elected as General Chair of the Indonesian Fiscal and Tax Administration Association (IFTAA) for the 2022-2027 period at the IFTAA National Conference held in Semarang, 09-10 September 2022.

With his new mandate, Prianto stated that wherever humans are, they must still benefit others. “My mission in life is so that I can be of benefit to others. At least, with the position as Chair of IFTAA 2022-2027, the spirit of life that benefits others can be more optimal,” he said.

Prianto also added that in the future, the strategic steps he will take to advance IFTAA would focus on ’empowering people.

“In other words, everyone who is a stakeholder in IFTAA must be empowered regarding their potential. Thus the potential of each individual must be utilized so that the benefits of each individual can benefit the group. On a larger scale, each group on each campus can contribute to the IFTAA organization. In the end, the existence of IFTAA can also benefit IFTAA stakeholders at all levels,” he explained.

Three more concrete strategic steps are referring to the AD/ART that were approved at the National Conference, namely:

  1. We are advancing and developing knowledge of fiscal administration and understanding of tax administration.
  2. We are providing strengthening tax education learning outcomes to improve the resource competence of human beings in the taxation sector in Indonesia.
  3. Play a positive role in advancing tax policy and administration in Indonesia in the context of creating a just, prosperous and prosperous society.

He added that a Prianto alone would not be able to play a role in advancing IFTAA so that IFTAA would benefit all of its stakeholders. “The synergy with all lecturers interested in IFTAA must be optimal. Thus, the goals of IFTAA as a non-profit organization can be achieved effectively. One word for optimizing the role of IFTAA is ‘synergize’,” he said.

In the future, he hopes that IFTAA will become a non-profit organization that provides optimal benefits for developing knowledge of fiscal and tax administration in Indonesia and globally. “For the 2022-2027 period, IFTAA must formulate a more focused vision and mission,” he said.

Dean of FIA UI Prof. Dr. Chandra Wijaya, M.Sc., MM. It is revealed that with the election of Prianto as chairman of IFTAA, FIA UI is ready to support 100% of IFTAA as an association and Prianto as chairman.

At the event, a National Seminar was also held entitled ‘Strengthening the Role of Associations in Scientific Development and Study Program Accreditation’.