The Doctoral Colloquium activity by Policy, Governance, and Administrative Reform FIA UI has taken place on Wednesday (20/4/2022) with presentations by two presenters of FIA UI doctoral students.

Ahmad Fauzie as the first presenter explained his dissertation entitled “Trust in E-Government and Analysis of Influencing Factors (Study in DKI Jakarta Province 2020 – 2021)” by presenting a discussion on identifying problems in e-government and public trust (citizen trust).

“The focus of e-government that I am researching is the JAKI application, which is a collaborative ecosystem platform that contains features developed by the government and collaboration by the community,” he explained.

Ahmad Fauzie explained that there are still factual problems with the system. Thus, there will be challenges and obstacles for JAKI to gain public trust in the complex government system.

“Based on this, the purpose of the research being built is to identify influencing factors and build a model of public trust in the implementation of the e-government system in DKI Jakarta,” he explained.

For information, the presentation by Presenter Ahmad Fauzie was attended by Prof. Dr. Eko Prasojo, Mag.rer.publ as Promoter, Dr. Lina Miftahul Jannah, M.Sc. as Co-Promoter, and Dr. Roy Valiant Solomon, M. Soc, Sc as Reviewer.

Then, the event continued with the presentation of a dissertation by the second presenter, Hadi Kardoyo with the topic of discussion “Trajectory Analysis of Public Sector Management Reform on the Institutionalization of the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN)”.

“The actual phenomenon of the integration process of BRIN institutions occurs because the government’s actions to solve the problem of weak innovation capacity issues in Indonesia and R&D activities are still not institutionally effective,” concluded Hadi Kardoyo.

Furthermore, Hadi explained about the research objectives, namely to examine the trajectories carried out in the process of institutionalizing BRIN; analyze the administrative system developed by BRIN through instruments and coordination mechanisms; and produce a system of thinking about R & D and innovation institutions in Indonesia in encouraging the R & D and Innovation ecosystem to work.

It is known that Hadi Kardoyo’s presentation was attended by Dr. Roy Valiant Solomon, M.Sos.Sc. as Promoter, Dr. Andreo Wahyudi Atmoko, M.Sc. as Co-Promoter 1, Dr. Dudi Hidayat, M.Sc. as Co-Promoter 2. The dissertation proposal was also reviewed by 2 reviewers, namely Prof. Dr. Eko Prasojo, Mag.rer.publ and Dr. Lina Miftahul Jannah, M.Sc.

In the doctoral colloquium of the two doctoral students, the reviewers also provided input and reviews of the research of each presenter.

In addition, the reviewers, promoters, and co-promoters also gave encouragement to the two researchers to develop their research by taking into account the input of each reviewer.