BISNIS & BIROKRASI: Jurnal Ilmu Administrasi dan Organisasi (JBB) just held Academic Writing program in order to  enhance the quality of the inbound article to JBB. This program was held virtually via Zoom meeting on Friday (12/11/2021). At least 15 participants attended this year’s Academic Writing Clinic program.

As the keynote speaker for this program, Ardian Setiawan is the Chief Editor of He delivered the material in two sessions. The first session was themed “Improving the Article Quality and Get Published.” In that session, he explained how often individuals read will affect their writing to their articles. Individuals who infrequently read will experience writer’s block and other writing issues. Ardian also explained that a writer needs to maximize reading management skills to read scientific studies. Nowadays, technology helps us understand some advanced terms and summarize them.

In the second term, All participants were facilitated by 1-on-1 consultation with Ardian Setiawan. Each participant collects the journal that they have made, and he will comprehensively correct them. Before that, all participants are expected to have filled out the Q&A matrix. Participants are free to ask about journal consultations from the side of language, content, and use of references. According to Ardian, it is essential to pay attention to grammar so that the reader can understand it. Articles must be concise, concise, and compelling and use active sentences. The substance in the writing that is made must be exciting and supported by arguments from the author himself and the experts. Then the reference used should not be too long, namely a maximum of the last 5 years. As stated in the initial session, many applications have assisted in the journal search process, such as Microsoft Academic and connected papers.


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