Prof. Dr. Amy Yayuk Sri Rahayu, M.Si

Prof. Dr. Amy Yayuk Sri Rahayu, M.Si

Area Riset

- Collaborative Governance
- State Development
- Dynamic Public Service


- Career Role Analysis of Civil Servants at the State Employment Agency
- Analysis of the Planning and Development of Employee Career Paths in the Job Placement for a Supervisor Position in Badan Kepegawaian Negara
- A Problem Mapping of Public Sector Personnel Management Road Map in Indonesia
- Kinerja Tiga Puskesmas di DKI Jakarta Berdasarkan Perspektif Balanced Scorecard
- Reforming of Public Services Management Case Study: Licensing Service in Yogyakarta, Indonesia
- Revitalization Jakarta One Stop Service Office as an Effort to Improve doing Business Rating in Indonesia
- The Role of Government in MSMEs: The Empowerment of MSMEs During the Free Trade Era in Indonesia
- The Dynamic of National Energy Resilience System in Indonesia

- Manajemen Perubahan dan Inovasi